are Ireland’s oldest Bitcoin & Blockchain service provider.

We recognise that decentralised and distributed digital currency and payment systems in which payments are processed and secured by advanced cryptography and distributed computing power is the way of the future. Our team been at the forefront of Bitcoin Ireland since its inception and we provide high level consulting to our partners on how to manage your approach through every sector of the Blockchain. Our vision is to see Bitcoin as a globally accepted method of exchanging and storing value which will operate without the need for third parties


Bitcoin, in its simplest form is a digital currency. However, its the Blockchain system itself is what allows people worldwide to transfer money quickly and at virtually no cost. Bitex are founding members of the Irish Bitcoin Foundation. Our team have been chosen to bring this futurism of Bitcoin & the Blockchain to the planet we call earth. We have begun with the true capital of Fintech – Dublin, Ireland.


Our services have been utilised by large multinationals, government agencies, schools, banks and of course the general public since its introduction in Ireland by the Irish Bitcoin Foundation. Our data is provided by Irelands Blockchain Explorer. We are the 1st company in Ireland to be licensed by the BSAI. Accordingly, we believe that every human should have financial rights which should not be impeded by governments, regulators, financial institu- tions or other humans:


6-7 Upper Abbey Street
Dublin 1, Ireland.

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